NCAquatics offer a wide range of pool operation training for aquatic professionals in such areas like water and air treatment, certified pool/spa operator certification, spray pad practitioner certification program for specialists dealing with splash pads and more. Our instructor, Scott Bowron, has more than 30 years of experience in pool operation with 10 years of training experience. Please feel free to contact Scott to discuss the training opportunity at your swimming facility:

Upcoming Trainings

April 4-5, 2018 – CPO course at Burford Community Centre

Please contact Scott Bowron for details:

Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Training

What is CPO Training?

CPO NSPF CertificationThe NSPF Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) Certification program is the world’s leading verifiable pool and spa training credential. CPO Certification provides individuals with the basic knowledge, technics and skills of pool and spa operations. You will learn about pool management, water safety and chemistry, advanced maintenance. This training has helped to protect millions of swimmers by reducing hazards at aquatic facilities. Course material and examination costs are included.

Who Can Benefit from CPO Course?

CPO Course is designated to bring value and credential to such aquatics professionals like pool operator, pool supervisor, aquatic director, pool owner, aquatic manager, recreation director, pool engineers and others.

CPO Class Schedule

We teach CPO as per NSPF requirements. Here is the approximate agenda for the 2 days CPO training by Scott Bowron.

Day 1

  1. Introduction – standards, guidelines, codes
  2. Essential calculations for pool operation
  3. Disinfection
  4. Water balance and water problems
  5. Chemical testing and chemical control

Day 2

  1. Circulation and Filtration
  2. Heating system and air systems
  3. Spa and Therapy Operations
  4. Facility Safety and record keeping
  5. Maintenance, Trouble shooting
  6. Design and construction considerations
  7. Review and Exam

Spray Pad Practitioner Training Program

Spray Pad at WFCU, Windsor, ON Community CenterRemember running through the backyard sprinkler as kids? How fun it was playing in the summer sun? It was simple and so entertaining back then, part of an active lifestyle.

In the 90s, the idea of the sprinkler came to life in a whole new way when the recreation world started to include spray pads, sometimes called splash pads. Since that time, the spray pad has become the most requested piece of park equipment in North America. New urban areas and existing alike want this type of equipment in their community.

With this increasing demand, are you prepared to deal with the choices (and possibly trade-offs) that will need to be made when dealing with the installation of this type of equipment? Once through or recirculated, type of features required, type of surface, materials, location, understanding the context of the Health Act, responsibilities of owners, and water treatment and testing, all these options, questions and the need for a basic understanding of operations come to light with the installation of a spray pad.

With these things in mind, a new spray pad operations course will help prepare participants to be able to confidently respond to these questions and more. This session is the first of its kind in North America. This two day Spray Pad Practitioner program will include both theory and practical, with a visit to a local spray pad being part of the training.

Items discussed during the training

  • Design philosophy
  • Considerations (ie. ages, collaborative play, inclusive play, sensory stimulation, motor skills, etc.
  • Selecting colours, location, patterns
  • Types of fixtures – fiberglass, stainless, aluminum, fixed and removeable
  • Determining shape/size
  • Sequencing and determining flow pattern
  • Surfacing options
  • Considerations for construction
  • Water treatment and testing
  • Flow through, recirculation and retain and reuse systems
  • Equipment (ie. pumps, strainers, UV)
  • Inspections (daily, pre-opening,  pre-season)
  • Signage
  • Winterizing
  • Ministry Guidelines                  

 Upon successful completion of this program participants will receive a certificate indicating that they have received basic operations awareness training as it pertains to spray pads. 


ScCommercial Swimming Pool System Specialist at NCAquaticsott Bowron is a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Instructor and an active instructor with NSPF for 10 years in Canada and US. Scott was a facility manager for the City of London for more than 30 years. He works with Ontario Parks Association (OPA), as a Spray Pad Course Instructor, on the review committee for the new Ontario Health Regulations for Pools and Spas and speaks on current trends at various conferences nationally and internationally. Previously, Scott was on the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) Technical committee, and continues with the Council for Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC). You can contact Scott with related questions at


If you are interested to have CPO Certification or Spray Pad Practitioner Course at your facility, we would like to discuss this with you. Please contact Scott for the details and to receive a quote: